Welcome to Bouvest!

    Petroleum, Gas , Lubricants & Transporters

Bouvest is a Wholesale Company that started in 2000.
We are Suppliers of Gas, Lubricants, Fuels  and we are also Registered as Cross Border Transporters. We currently have a fleet of 10 Trucks , we have Terminals
in Hoedspruit, Phalaborwa and Middelburg.

We also have customers in the Game Farming, Mining , Transporting and Construction Industry where we not only deliver Petroleum but Lubricants and
Petroleum Equipment such as Tanks,  Pumps, Meters, Hoses and Nozzles. Our Lubricants are Fuchs and Centlube products. Gearbox Oil, Diffs, Grease, Engine Cleaner and many more.
We supply LPG Gas , Suremix and Ripeninggas for the Farmers.

We also Transport at a very reasonable price. We strive to deliver our product within a day or two with excellent service .